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Building a Talent Supply Chain for the Future

A talent shortage is a top concern for manufacturers. Discover how UKG™ for Manufacturing can help organizations apply supply chain management strategies to better attract, retain, and develop engaged employees to deliver better business outcomes.

With the growing labor shortage and changing workforce demographics, building a strong talent supply chain has never been more important. Manufacturers must rethink the traditional approach to acquiring and retaining talent, considering alternative sources of labor such as retirees, veterans, contractors, and more.

Building a Talent Supply Chain for the Future

In this manufacturing industry spotlight, learn how you can begin tackling these issues by:

  • Utilizing workforce visibility and reporting to uncover skill gaps and hire proactively
  • Engaging your workforce through cutting-edge workforce management solutions
  • Manage the cost and scheduling complexities of hiring from differing talents pools

Download this informative industry spotlight to learn more about how you can attract the next generation workforce to your organization.