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Behind the Chaos: Supply Chains Under Pressure

A widespread dearth of raw materials, skilled labor, and reliable transportation led to a complete breakdown of supply chains in 2022. Although set in motion by the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation has worsened over time, creating challenges for manufacturers, shippers, and retailers trying their best to forecast demand and anticipate consumer buying behaviors heading into the 2022 holiday shopping season.

This industry brief summarizes 2022 headlines detailing supply chain struggles along with people-centric strategies to help impacted businesses get back on track.

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Supply Chain Industry Brief

What’s Inside the Supply Chain Industry Brief?

  • Hear from Robert O’Dwyer, UKG logistics industry principal, about what it will take to stabilize supply chains ahead of the holiday shopping season, including a breakdown of crucial priorities that need to be addressed in each of the three primary industries impacted: Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail
  • Understand what’s on the horizon: Dynamic leadership topics like DEI&B, fast-growing workforce trends like “unretirement,” and growing confidence in autonomous vehicles are all discussed
  • The brief also highlights new research from across the industry, as well as compelling data from The Workforce Institute at UKG

Download the industry brief for a comprehensive and timely report of what’s going on with supply chains in 2022, and what your organization can do about it.