UKG for Staffing – Payroll

UKG Payroll puts you in complete control of your payroll process, ensuring accuracy and eliminating reliance on costly service bureaus.

With the UKG Payroll solution, you always know what your people are doing and what you’re paying them to do it. It can support any number of scenarios — shift differentials, order of importance, location, and more — to accommodate your business requirements. UKG Payroll gives you greater control over payroll processes and eliminates guesswork so you process an accurate payroll the first time — every time. For optimal flexibility, you can complete all payroll processes in-house or outsource tax filing, check printing, and garnishment processing.

UKG for Staffing – Payroll

The features and benefits of UKG Payroll include:

  • Getting up-to-the-minute payroll information at the click of a button
  • Delivering timely, accurate payments to employees with every payroll
  • Driving accuracy of employee withholdings with regular tax table updates
  • Empowering employees with a mobile app and self-service tools that reduce administrative tasks
  • Freeing IT from maintenance and upgrade hassles with a cloud delivery model

Download this informative datasheet to learn more about how UKG Payroll can simplify your payroll processes, eliminate errors, and provide a best-in-class employee experience.