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Effective HCM Strategies for State and Local Government

Dive into this engaging and insightful webinar to discover effective Human Capital Management strategies tailored to state and local government.

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Gain invaluable insights that will reshape the way you navigate the intricate realm of HCM

Demystifying HCM: Explore the reasons why settling is unnecessary in today’s cloud-based environment and how integrating a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution can enrich your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, without imposing additional workload or convoluted integrations across multiple systems.

Unveiling the Employee Lifecycle: Explore the pivotal role of Human Capital Management in seamlessly navigating the employee experience. We unravel the unique intricacies of the public sector and offer comprehensive insights into how HCM significantly influences every stage of your workforce’s journey, fostering efficient management throughout the employee lifecycle.

Building a Holistic Strategy that Includes Public Safety Agencies: Understand why government decision-makers should include the unique needs of all departments in their HCM strategy, including their public safety agencies, to build success for the whole government.

Creating a Compelling Business Case: We discuss how important it is to foster collaboration with IT and City, State or Agency Leadership to enable alignment of technological capabilities with organizational strategy. Learn to identify opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and growth while meeting everyone’s needs.

Webinar Speakers

Jacqueline Kuhn
Executive Vice President, Strategic Services, HRchitect

Linda Misegadis
Senior Government Strategist, UKG

Bob Lavigna
Senior Fellow, UKG for Public Sector

This webinar is your guide to navigating today’s Human Capital Management needs at all levels of government.