Giving HR a Voice: A Perspective from Government and Education Leaders

A panel of HR experts share their views on creating a people-focused culture in the public sector and beyond.

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Strategies to amplify your voice and help your people thrive

As an HR leader, you know how powerful a people-focused culture is for ensuring the success of your organization. But without a seat at the leadership table, it can be hard to foster a workplace where people are happy and want to stay.

UKG Public Sector Senior Fellow Bob Lavigna recently sat down with a panel of experts in various government and education organizations to discuss how they’re raising their voices to help their organizations increase engagement, productivity, and retention.

In this Q&A featuring highlights of their discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How the role of HR leaders can and should become more strategic
  • What other organizations are doing to keep up with shifting employee expectations
  • Strategies for becoming an employer of choice

Read this Q&A for expert perspectives on creating a people-centric culture.