From PEOs to HR Software: Transforming Your HR Processes to Better Meet Your Needs


Discover the signs it's time to make a change from a professional employer organization (PEO) and the benefits of bringing HR in-house with an all-in-one HR solution.

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Transform the employee experience with an all-in-one HR solution

As organizations grow, their needs evolve, necessitating a shift from PEOs to an in-house HR solution with the use of all-in-one HR and payroll technology. This transition is pivotal in attracting, recruiting, managing, and developing people as well as fostering continued growth and success. By moving HR functions in-house, businesses can tailor their HR strategies to align more closely with their unique needs and processes, enhancing the overall employee experience and positioning themselves as industry leaders in talent management.

The benefit of bringing HR in-house allows for the creation of a customized employee experience that’s crucial for recruiting and retaining top talent. This strategic investment not only improves HR and payroll processes but also drives sustainable long-term growth. As organizations grow, PEOs often struggle to provide the necessary support, making it essential to consider transitioning to a more scalable and integrated solution.

During this webinar, Chas Fields, UKG Principal HCM Value Strategist, will speak with Sandra Santilli, HR Consultant, who’ll share her experience using PEOs and the transition to an HR solution. Join us to:

  • Hear about how transitioning from a PEO to an HR solution can be a smooth and beneficial process with the right partner
  • Learn about the robust support structures and effective communication strategies that come with the use of a supportive HR solution
  • Gain insights into the benefits of having a strong, supportive relationship with an HR solution

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