Payroll’s Part to Play: Delivering the New Currency


Our panel of experts will discuss opportunities for payroll professionals to enhance employee experiences, build trust, and improve retention, innovation, and productivity within their organizations.

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Take your payroll to the next level

Organizations often view pay as simply a matter of following established formulas and delivering it without considering its impact on employee experience. However, payroll professionals have a crucial opportunity to foster positive employee relationships and build trust with each paycheck. Viewing trust as a valuable currency delivered with every payment opens the door to significant organizational benefits.

Our panel of experts will discuss the potential of this shift in focus, how it can transform payroll strategy, and what it looks like in practice. This approach can improve retention, innovation, productivity, and profitability for employers.

Webinar Takeaways:

  • The common challenges and pain points payroll pros need to overcome and reframe to make a change
  • The trust benchmarks that payroll affects and what happens when we take those steps
  • Examples of what this looks like for the UKG payroll team and at the organizations we work with

Join our webinar to learn how to leverage payroll from simply a check to a better employee experience.

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