Orchestrate the Perfect People Strategy Webinar Series for UKG Pro & Dimensions

Jul 6 - 27, 2022

Nothing compares to the sweet sound of your employees’ success. It comes from providing them with the resources they need to grow and thrive. With the UKG® suite of solutions, you can break through traditional workforce needs by seeing the whole person, anticipating their needs beyond just work, and thoughtfully adapting to meet them. Transform your organization with our award-winning suite of solutions that unlock happier outcomes for your people and your business.

Register for any one of the webinars below — or all four — to learn how UKG can help you champion meaningful experiences for your people — no matter your industry or location.

Hitting the Right Notes with a Symphony of Talent — July 6 , 1 p.m. ET

If your workplace had a soundtrack, would the tone reflect an inclusive culture that scales to stay on tempo? Would the melody engage your audience and earn a standing ovation?

Delivering an amazing performance starts with finding great musicians and crafting the best score. See how UKG talent, employee voice, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) solutions can help you attract more diverse talent and sounds, provide the right tools to fine-tune their instruments, and inspire regular check-ins to help them grow and get ready for their big stage moment.

Strike a Chord between Scheduling and Leave — July 13 , 1 p.m. ET

When managers band together and are in tune with their employees’ needs, they’re able to provide the autonomy people need for greater control over their schedules and time. This is instrumental when building a culture of trust, keeping your people happy and organization in harmony.

Find out how UKG solutions keep your people in tune with what’s important, especially with employee self-service capabilities and scheduling automation, ensuring fairness and harmony across the whole organization.

The Perfect Duet in Pay and Workforce Management — July 20 , 1 p.m. ET

Some things are simply better together, like having your pay and workforce management processes in one central location, working in concert to bring you a seamless payroll and time process from start to finish.

UKG solutions help you save time and money by avoiding manual entries, locate and address payroll errors early on, and proactively meet work time regulations. Listen to the sound of our most robust compliance foundation working in harmony as we help you provide the perfect paycheck and control labor costs all at the same time.

Conducting your People through AI and Analytics — July 2 , 1 p.m. ET7

Behind every great orchestra is a proficient conductor who can play to each musician’s strengths. Similarly, behind every remarkable employee experience is a data-savvy HR team who understands their people at a deeper level — who are able to understand trends and areas of opportunity to better motivate them at work.

Learn how UKG puts data to work through artificial intelligence and analytics to provide the insights you need when you need them. Plus, discover how UKG can help you quickly analyze data, make well-informed proactive decisions, and simplify the complex to orchestrate the perfect people strategy.

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