Infuse Gen AI Into Your Talent Management Strategy


Join us for an in-depth exploration of how UKG Pro® solutions and features leverage Gen AI to help you take better care of your people. Learn how to supercharge your organization’s talent management strategy with collaborative technology tools that attract, develop and retain the talent you need to stay competitive.

Gen AI can help drive employee engagement and motivation at every step of the work-life journey.

Learn how UKG Pro talent management solutions support frontline workers by tapping into Gen AI to empower them to explore their goals, learn new skills, and achieve their ambitions at work.

Building a robust talent management strategy requires fostering trust with employees and making the complex simple. Gen AI assists leaders with the insights they need to create a great place to work and provides employees with the right guidance to take action quickly and confidently.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how:

  • UKG Pro Performance and Coaching helps organizations achieve collaborative reviews, attainable goal-setting, and year-round developmental feedback.
  • UKG Pro Learning delivers consumable, on-demand content, where and when it’s convenient for the learner.
  • UKG Employee Voice provides real-time access to the preferences and aspirations of employees in order to build a culture in which they thrive.
  • UKG Pro Career Designer helps employees uncover gaps in their skills and aspirations, visualize career possibilities, and discover the steps to take to achieve their potential.

We’ll also look at the current talent management market landscape as well as emerging trends in the industry.

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