Imperfections and All: One on One with Glennon Doyle & Pat Wadors


Join New York Times Bestselling author and podcaster Glennon Doyle for an intimate, unscripted conversation on trust, values, and life with Pat Wadors, UKG Chief People Officer.

Real Talk

Join a free-flowing conversation about leading with your values and building trust.

Ask Glennon Doyle what’s on her mind, and she tells you. Ask her what’s important to her, and she’ll paint a vivid picture of a messy, beautiful life lived with bravery and self-reflection. Not perfection, mind you, but reflection.

Join Glennon, #1 New York Times Bestseller and host and co-creator of the We Can Do Hard Things podcast, for a sprawling, truth-seeking conversation with Pat Wadors, UKG Chief People Officer.

Together, they’ll ditch the script and dig into their ideas about leading with your values (even when it’s hard or unpopular) and building trust in relationships inside and outside of work. Come along for the ride as Glennon and Pat explore how to shed expectations and pressures that don’t serve us (spoiler alert: they can be external or internal!) – and how to come into our own more fully, honestly, and joyfully.

Join us for this monumental Real Talk event, bringing together two powerful perspectives on what it means to live and work in ways that feel empowering and authentic.

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