Creating a People-First Work Culture

Feb 22, 2023 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST

Learn how UKG Pro® solutions can help you create a positive work culture that increases employee engagement – and help boost retention in the process.

Create a people-first work culture where employees feel appreciated

With UKG Pro, you’ve got a secret weapon to help you support your people’s needs. In this new webinar, you’ll learn how UKG Pro solutions can help you build a people-first work culture that can boost employee morale, create opportunities for engagement, and increase retention.

During the discussion, UKG human capital management specialist Linda Becker will discuss how specific UKG Pro features can help your company better support:

  • Coaching and Development
  • Performance
  • Compensation Management
  • Learning
  • Employee Voice

Learn how to build a positive, people-first work culture with UKG Pro.

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Watch this informative webinar to learn how to better support your people on their life-work journeys using features from UKG Pro.

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