A Coffee Chat with Colorvision, an industry leader in the world of attraction photography solutions.


Join us for a 30-minute convo with HR Director John Racine about how Colorvision International reduced time spent on HR paperwork by 95% using UKG Ready.

Get the real scoop on how a digital imaging company dramatically streamlined HR data access and management

Colorvision struggled with manual, paper-based processes and lacked a centralized solution for critical HR- and employee-related data, making it difficult to approve time-off requests and recruit, hire, and onboard candidates in a timely manner. Hear John Racine share how his company was able to digitize and automate HR processes — and simplify hiring — by implementing the UKG Ready® solution.

Discover how UKG Ready helped: 

  • Reduce paperwork so HR could focus more time on hiring top talent
  • Streamline recruiting and onboarding for a marked increase in applications and interviews
  • Create a personalized, mobile-first experience that empowers employees

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