Celebrate National Payroll Week


Webinar: Easy as a Summer Breeze: UKG Pay and Workforce Management

Payroll errors can not only be a headache — but also cost your organization time and money. It doesn’t have to be that way. Hear from Jamie Kerkhoff, Director, People Technology and Insights, National Vision, Inc., as she shares how our pay and workforce management solution simplifies work through automated processes and alerts. She’ll also discuss how the solution drives efficiencies in pay and time that helps you secure employee trust and accuracy. Discover how UKG Pay and Workforce Management can not only save you time, but also help you and your people focus on what matters most — life’s carefree moments.


Webinar: How to Support the Frontline Worker

Frontline workers can make or break an organization, and they’re the ones interacting with customers and the first to implement strategy. That’s why it’s so important to support these critical employees. Join Stacia Sherman Garr and Heather Gilmartin Adams from RedThread Research, and Abri Stephens from UKG for a lively, interactive, and practical discussion where you’ll discover how your organization can connect, engage, and best support frontline workers and help them thrive.

Working with Headphones

Listen to #PowerThrough Payroll, Your Personal Payroll Playlist

Keep the good vibes going all week with a payroll-themed playlist designed to celebrate your work with some feel-good cash money music.

UKG Immedis

Transforming the global payroll landscape

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Immedis, a leading global payroll provider with technology and services supporting more than 160 countries and 120 currencies. We are also excited about the launch of UKG One View, a multi-country payroll experience that instantly modernizes and reimagines the traditionally fragmented, costly, and cumbersome global payroll model.

Setting the Stage for a Thriving Workforce with Pay Transparency - Mobile

Read the White Paper on Trends in Pay Transparency

What better way to celebrate National Payroll Week than by exploring new ideas about the essential role payroll plays in the evolving world of work? Download this white paper about the emerging prevalence of pay transparency – a movement that is transforming the way we think about equity and privacy at work.


UKG Ready product demo

See how you can guide and empower your people — and make their day-to-day easier — with our all-in-one HR solution. Join us for a payroll-themed UKG Ready Live Demo on September 21st.


Here’s to our UKG Payroll Dreamteam!

Thank you for your passion for precision and commitment to making every paycheck perfect for our people!