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Elevate the HR Experience: HR Service Delivery for Manufacturing

In today's busy manufacturing landscape, it's becoming increasingly difficult to deliver the kind of service your employees deserve. With priorities constantly shifting, all employees want one thing - greater life-work flexibility. An important first step to help empower your frontline workers is through responsive, contextualized HR Service Delivery that helps you assist, serve, and connect with your people.

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UKG is taking an agile, service-oriented approach to HRSD by creating meaningful and connected work experiences for the frontline manufacturing workforce.

Watch this webinar to find out how UKG HR Service Delivery can help you deliver a personalized and supportive HR service experience to your frontline manufacturing employees, anytime from anywhere.

This webinar will explore:

  • An introduction to UKG HR Service Delivery
  • Key benefits to HR technology for your frontline workforce
  • An overview of intelligent features such as personalized knowledge base, document manager, and more