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Why UKG Pro Workforce Management Now?

Experience the full benefits of being a Partner for Life.

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In the wake of the Great Resignation, the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and unprecedented economic forces, the business world has transformed. As a UKG customer, you’re in a unique position to face this uncertain future. 

No matter the needs of your industry and your individual organization, our UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) is primed to start making work life better for every employee. There’s never been a better time to make the switch.

In our new eBook, you can get an overview of the enormous value your organization could experience with UKG Pro Workforce Management, including:

  • Ensuring you are future-ready by ditching outdated, unsupported technologies
  • Data-driven estimates of the average cost savings you can expect after migration
  • Unprecedented tools for meeting and exceeding employee expectations
  • Built-in UKG expertise for simplified, stress-free compliance reporting
  • Our commitment to every customer as a Partner for Life with a premium support experience

Discover the profound impact of migrating to UKG Pro Workforce Management for your entire workforce.