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Why the Buyer’s Guide to HR Management Software Put UKG Pro #1

Selecting the strongest HR software is a top concern for HCM providers. Find out why UKG Pro™ received a #1 rating in the latest Buyer’s Guide to HR Management Software by TrustRadius, a trusted peer-review site for business technology that offers B2B customers an efficient way to research which software solutions work best for specific business needs.

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Why the Buyer’s Guide to HR Management Software Put UKG Pro #1

With 93% of users agreeing that UKG Pro delivers a good value for the price and are happy with its feature set, this global HCM suite can help customers reimagine their people processes and tap into actionable insights to drive real change.

Here are a few of UKG Pro’s industry-leading capabilities:

Powerful workforce analytics
Get a complete picture of your data and insights to make better-informed decisions about your staff.

A comprehensive suite of solutions
Transform your people management processes with a robust and unified collection of HCM tools.

Partners with expertise
Align yourself with people, process, and industry experts who go the extra mile to partner with you to improve work experiences for your whole organization.

Download this informative buyer’s guide to uncover even more reasons why UKG Pro is a comprehensive HCM suite that can help you transform your business.

“We began using UKG Pro strictly for HR functions but have now incorporated a lot more features. It is a great tool to link the employee to the organization and answer questions they may have without having to come to HR directly.”

Anna S.| Office Administrator | Civil Engineering Company | 51-200 employees