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Using Technology to Improve Your Frontline Employee Experience

“Using Technology to Improve Your Frontline Employee Experience” is a chapter written by Dennis Miller from the book Being Present.

Dennis Miller, currently AVP of Human Resources and Benefits Administration at The Claremont College Services, uses the time he spent as Chief Employment Officer at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation with 2, 400 employees as an example of a scenario with lots of room for improvement in its HR and payroll processes. The operating environment was comprised of four different technology-based systems that interfaced with one other at varying levels — but created processes that were labor intensive and unscalable.

Using Technology to Improve Your Frontline Employee Experience

In this excerpt, Miller details the Foundation’s journey to the decision to find a cost-effective platform with a single database for HR, payroll, and timekeeping. Moving to a unified system was a game changer for the Foundation. Lessons learned included:

  • Workforce management technology can eliminate a lot of frustration and busy work for your employees, providing them with a better experience at work
  • Frontline employees value self-service options that they can use from their mobile devices
  • Involving frontline employees in requirements gathering and design of new systems will yield better adoption of and satisfaction with the new system
  • Don’t estimate the need for clear and frequent communication, delivered through multiple channels
  • Training is critical to ensuring that your employees will get the value they should from a new solution

Download this excerpt today to learn more about how your organization can use technology to improve your frontline employee experience.