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A Unique City-School Partnership in Springfield, Massachusetts

New book “Springfield Resurgent” details how a proud city built a fiscally sustainable future.

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Springfield Resurgent: How a Proud City Built a Fiscally Sustainable Future

“Springfield Resurgent” illustrates how strong financial management and collaboration between City Hall and the School Department formed the basis for achieving incredible district improvements in Springfield, Massachusetts — a city that has overcome extreme adversity and tremendous fiscal challenges to rebuild its economy and civic infrastructure.

In this new book authored by Timothy J. Plante, Springfield’s chief administrative and financial officer, and published by UKG, learn how implementing automated systems like UKG — systems that brought labor data and trends to the surface and helped to tear down silos between finance departments — gave the city remarkable latitude to invest millions of dollars in resources for students and families, as well as district-wide infrastructure improvements.

“From pre-K to 12th grade, our city and our schools have made tremendous strides, and we are now better positioned than ever to sustain and increase that momentum.“
—TJ Plante, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer, City of Springfield

“The revival of New England’s fourth largest city as narrated by its longtime chief administrative and financial officer offers a genuine look at how technology was the key to unlocking immense operational data and securing strong financial footing. This book is as intriguing as it is inspiring.”
—Chris Todd, President at UKG

The task of revitalizing an underperforming school district may seem impossibly daunting, but Springfield Schools and city leaders have proven that those who are ready to embrace digital transformation, build relationships and establish synergies, overhaul internal processes, and invest in system-level changes can achieve remarkable improvements and create a lasting impact on their community.

Download the eBook for free today! You'll enjoy Chapter 5, “Elevating the School Nutrition Experience: A Unique City-School Partnership,” for a closer look at what Springfield Schools have achieved — and how students have benefited — as a result of savings generated by city leaders.