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UKG at Work in Retail eBook

Even with the digital transformation, people still are the backbone of your retail store and corporate headquarters. Discover how to help them do their best work in the UKG at Work in Retail eBook.

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Empower Your Retail Workforce EBook

See how UKG® for Retail provides workforce management (WFM) and human capital management (HCM) cloud technology to help give retail team members the flexibility to manage their work-life.

With UKG WFM and HCM cloud technology, you can:

  • Gain control of schedules with best-in-class AI and forecasting
  • Align schedules to fit business and employee needs
  • Communicate across your store effectively
  • Streamline HR and Payroll processes from hire to retire

See how to enable employees and managers to stay empowered and inspired to make smart decisions and do their best work. Choose your own adventure and look through a typical retail business and the roles within it. We’ve compiled our greatest pieces for you to dive deeper into how UKG solutions can simplify everyday tasks to improve the employee experience.

UKG for Retail provides workforce management and HCM cloud technology to help retailers control labor costs by automating error-prone processes. With UKG, you can link labor costs to orders to account for every dollar spent, allocate and align labor to demand with best-fit schedules, and view order status in real time to make labor adjustments and meet delivery deadlines.

Explore how our award-winning solutions help create an engaging employee experience that supports a balanced life-work journey. Download the UKG at Work in Retail eBook now.