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The UKG Payroll Playbook: Beyond the Perfect Paycheck

Learn about the benefits of modern payroll technology solution and how to adopt one to meet your evolving business challenges and build trust with your people.

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Modern payroll technology helps build employee trust while it helps meet your business challenges

Modern payroll technology can help you ensure the perfect paycheck every time for building trust among your people – plus help you meet growing organizational demands to achieve better business results aligned with your key goals and objectives. 

Of companies say there’s room for improvement in their current payroll practices
Of Americans say they would have financial difficulty if their paychecks were delayed by one week
Of employees say they’ll start looking for a new job after two paycheck problems

Modern HR and payroll technology streamline payroll, but it’s about more than just efficiency and delivering the perfect paycheck. With the time gained, your payroll team can focus on supporting employees, providing pay transparency, financial wellness support, and benefits such as earned wage access. Because when employees feel valued, it boosts retention, productivity, profitability, and builds a culture of trust.