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UKG for Grocery

As grocers adapt business models and expand offerings to meet changing consumer demands, they need engaged and productive employees to deliver the level of service that can maintain—and grow market share. UKG for Grocery can help with intelligent automation and powerful mobile tools that create a more connected and meaningful work experience.

When it comes to buying groceries, consumers have more shopping options that ever — from limited-assortment stores and big-box retailers to meal delivery services and online ordering. At the same time, their expectations continue to expand beyond quality, cleanliness, and price to include curbside pickup, home delivery, and a wider variety of meal solutions. To stay competitive, grocers need an engaged, productive, and effectively deployed workforce to deliver a friendly, convenient, and efficient shopping experience that attracts loyal customers.

UKG for Grocery

UKG for Grocery offers a comprehensive workforce solution that can help you address key HR and workforce management challenges. Leveraging AI technology, UKG™ solutions make it easy to pinpoint opportunities to boost savings and productivity, create schedules that meet customer demand and employee preferences, and comply with evolving meal and break regulations and wage and hour laws. Intelligent automation and easy-to-use mobile tools guide managers and empower employees to deliver a superior shopping experience — in store, curbside, or at the customer’s front door.

Designed for everyone in your organization, UKG solutions help you:

  • Better control labor costs, with automated time and attendance processes that eliminate payroll errors and reduce overtime rates
  • Attract and retain a quality workforce that will stick around for the long-term
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity with self-service and mobile tools that enable staff to view schedules, request time off, and pick-up or swap shifts
  • Minimize compliance risk with automatically enforced adherence to federal, state, and local labor laws

Download this brochure to learn how UKG for Grocery can help you achieve competitive advantage.

"With optimized scheduling, we're getting sales benefits from executing on service strategies-from having the right person with the right skill set in the right place at the right time, to making sure products are fresh and in place, according to our presentation guidelines. This is about competitive advantage."

Manager of Labor & Productivity
Hannaford Supermarkets