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UKG for Food Service eBook

UKG for Food Service delivers unified technology, increased employee engagement, better controlled labor costs, and mitigated compliance risk.

The food service industry is on the verge of a wave of digital disruption, particularly as it relates to its workforce. Traditionally, restaurants have found themselves in a cycle where they use technology to quickly solve an urgent need and move on without developing a long-term strategy that considers how this new technology could be integrated with their other solutions.

UKG for Food Service eBook

With the right unified solution, you can easily layer in other technologies you want to invest in to run your business. This way, you’ll experience zero technology disruption and find yourself in a strong, future-forward position. UKG for Food Service technology consolidates your key workforce management functionalities — such as applicant tracking, onboarding, HR, employee performance, benefits, payroll, timekeeping and scheduling to deliver:

  • A unified technology platform
  • Simplified hiring and onboarding processes to attract and retain an engaged, productive, and happy staff
  • Data and analytics that highlight schedule effectiveness, employee performance, and forecasted traffic and sales
  • Real-time alerts, automated processes, and data analytics that can help minimize compliance risk

“UKG is amazing. We have never been able to do this. Imagine you are a manager and you are making a schedule based on financials.”

Hoa Luong, COO
Boba Tea Company