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The UKG Data Playbook

Discover how giving the right people the right information at the right time can improve your organization’s culture and inspire effective decision making at every level.

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Use the power of your data to understand your people and drive better business outcomes

Leading with data is critical in order to build a culture of trust and transparency, make proactive changes to the workforce, minimize risk, and empower your managers and employees to focus on the strategic activities that have the most impact on your organization’s goals.

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    Go beyond tracking surface level KPIs and discover how various data points interrelate to tell the story of your workforce.

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    Present the right facts to the right people, with meaningful displays and actionable suggestions.

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    Show how employers that embrace data-driven decision making outperform their competitors and have more engaged employees.

Used properly, data can transform HR’s ability to improve the lives of employees, boost productivity, and help your business act on trends early.

This eBook takes a look at examples of how data can make a difference at every level of the workforce, with actionable resources for finding the right technology for your organization.