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True HCM vs. ERP HCM Buyer’s Guide

Determine the best solution to meet your global HCM, workforce management, and pay needs and create a great workplace culture and employee experience.

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An HCM solution has a valuable impact on the employee experience and success of an organization

The HCM and ERP vendor landscape is large and complex. Use this buyer’s guide to ask the right questions to determine your HCM, workforce management, and pay needs and which options and solutions will work best for your organization and employees.

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Assess your workforce, business, technology, employee experience, and vendor expertise and R&D investments.

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Evaluate the variety of HCM, workforce management, and pay solution options and compare offerings and functionality.

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Ensure the solution builds a culture of trust and belonging, meets your global needs, and delivers a great employee experience.

of employees feel higher levels of belonging when everyone in an organization is empowered.
of global midmarket and large enterprises will have invested in unifying multi-country payroll by 2025.
of global midsize and large enterprises will have invested in a cloud-deployed HCM suite by 2026.

Which solution features and benefits are critical to meeting your needs? What pricing and cost questions should you ask? Which implementation and support services are offered and at what cost? What will be the total cost of ownership and ROI? 

This buyer’s guide provides key questions and helpful guidance for organizations looking to determine the best solution to satisfy all their HCM, workforce management, and pay needs.