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Technology: Higher Education’s Strategic Partner in HR

Explore research findings about the need for investment in back-office HR technologies to ensure a more streamlined work experience in higher education.

Technology delivers dynamic insights and frees higher education staff to focus on what matters most

UKG surveyed 150 HR functions within two- and four-year institutions and state systems in the U.S. to learn how HR technologies could streamline processes, improve KPI tracking, and enhance the work experience for faculty, students, and staff.


    With manual processes still plaguing institutions across the country, automation can drive efficiencies and reduce errors.

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    Many institutions lack the tools they need to track key HR and payroll KPIs and use that data to guide decision making.


    HR leaders agree that an all-in-one HR, payroll, talent, time, and scheduling system would better serve their institutions.

of institutions say they’ve upgraded their systems in the past 1-3 years but still see shortcomings.
of HR leaders say their HR and payroll processes are not aligned with operational goals.
of campus leaders say all-in-one HR, payroll, talent, time, and scheduling would drive efficiencies.

Higher education institutions can leverage HR technologies to automate, centralize, and simplify processes, gain data-driven insights, and deliver a modern, streamlined work experience for all employees. By increasing efficiency, HR systems free employees to focus more time on shaping an exceptional student experience.

This research report presents key findings that emphasize the role technology can play as a strategic partner to HR in a higher education environment.