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Up to the Task eBook

UKG Pro® Task Management (formerly UKG Dimensions® Task Management), powered by ThinkTime®, keeps stores operating with peak efficiency, allowing you to forecast, assign, and track tasks to improve store operations.

Solve nine key challenges retailers face today. With convenient, reliable, in-the-moment cloud delivery of communications, associates can prioritize their tasks, organize their time, and complete necessary work to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Up to the Task eBook

As part of UKG Pro Workforce Management, an integrated, end-to-end workforce management solution, UKG Pro Task Management delivers a unified user experience for corporate staff, managers, and associates, allowing you to forecast, assign, and track tasks more efficiently to improve store operations and build customer loyalty.

With UKG Pro Task Management, stores can solve challenges like:

  • Lack of real-time visibility
  • Overloaded store workers
  • Lack of targeted content
  • Poor support for field task requests
  • And more

Download this informative eBook to learn how UKG Pro Task Management can help your organization operate with greater efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience.