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Support Your DCAA Compliance Strategy with UKG AutoTime eBook

Learn how UKG AutoTime™ can help you engage your employees while supporting a successful DCAA audit with an easy-to-use solution.

Find out how an automated timekeeping and labor-tracking system from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) gives you the right tools to stay prepared for an audit.

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Support Your DCAA Compliance Strategy with Kronos Workforce AutoTime eBook

Investing in a workforce management solution to track time and labor information is critical to supporting your DCAA compliance strategy. UKG AutoTime accommodates labor tracking for every employee, including temporary workers brought on to help organizations meet strict deadlines that often accompany a government contract. In addition to full labor tracking for your entire workforce, UKG AutoTime can help you stay prepared for an audit by:

  • Integrating with top ERP systems
  • Automatically reconciling time and labor data
  • Tracking labor in real time and providing a full audit trail of all user activity
  • Offering functionality for leave and absence management, schedule management, etc.
  • Providing built-in system reports and ac hoc reporting capabilities
  • Enabling flexible configuration and multilevel user security

Find out how UKG AutoTime is able to measure contract compliance against various DCAA requirements. Download this informative piece to learn more about how government contractors can feel confident about taking the necessary steps to support compliance while driving efficiencies in their organization with UKG AutoTime.