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State Compliance Guide

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State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations

Workforce management technology supports compliance with all federal, state, and local labor laws.

This guide outlines employment areas that can lead to compliance issues, visually illustrates which states have these regulations, and shares how technology solutions can specifically help you comply with varying regulations wherever you do business. 

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Flexible HR and payroll technology can handle a wide variety of state and local labor laws. 

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Preconfigured rules and regulations are built-in to comply with all state and local requirements.

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Technology saves time and effort in helping you maintain compliance with all regulations.

Among the employment areas discussed in this guide are: 

  • State and local tax withholding and reciprocity agreements, which can be complicated 
  • Overtime complexities can be increased if you do business in states that have rules more generous than the Fair Labor Standards Act  
  • Minimum time for both meal breaks and rest breaks can vary by state 
  • Paid leave laws are changing and becoming more complex, with variations state by state  
  • Cities and states have enacted or are considering predictive scheduling laws 

Fees, fines, and penalties could be the outcome of not complying with state and local labor laws. Investing in workforce management technology that incorporates these labor regulations can help you comply with all labor laws across your operation. 

Download this guide to learn more about how state and local labor laws could impact your operations, and how UKG® workforce management technology can help you be in compliance.