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SoftwareReviews Impact Report: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Renowned market analyst SoftwareReviews delivers a new report on the many costs — financial and otherwise — of sticking with outdated human capital management.

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Dissatisfied with your current HCM? You’re not alone

SoftwareReviews, a leading source of insight on HCM, just released captivating new research showing only 64% of respondents would recommend their current solution — but 92% of organizations planned on renewing this software despite big downsides.


The #1 most-cited reason for switching from one software provider to another is poor customer service and support. 


Underperforming software tools can negatively impact productivity for an entire workforce, from hourly employees to executives.


Staying with a solution that is unintuitive or difficult for employees to use effectively can result in them simply avoiding using it at all.

If you want to create an inclusive, people-centric workplace with highly engaged and productive employees, the cost of doing nothing is too great to ignore.