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A Small HR Team’s Guide to Executive Communication

Get the facts, resources, and strategies required to build a business case for your needs.

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A Small HR Team’s Guide to Executive Communication

HR teams at small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face many competing priorities, limited resources, ever-increasing external demands, and challenges communicating with and influencing leadership.

By taking steps to build an effective case for investing in necessary changes, these HR teams can take control of their needs and start tackling their top challenges. Our new eBook, A Small HR Team’s Guide to Executive Communication, helps HR professionals effectively make their strategic value known at the top of the organization.

The journey to the strategic impact your HR team deserves starts with getting your executive team on board. Download the eBook for critical resources including:

  • Research from on the modern challenges faced for HR at SMBs 
  • Vocabulary and strategies for reaching executive decision makers 
  • Actionable insights to help build a cohesive business case
  • Ideas for key alliances to support your case