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Navigating the New Normal eBook

This eBook explores the most pressing labor challenges across the logistics and supply chain landscape — and outlines strategies to avoid them.

The logistics industry is in a constant state of flux due to labor shortages and talent-retainment issues. Capacity is strained, new regulatory challenges have been introduced, and costs are on a constant incline amid economic uncertainty. And your labor is at the center of this storm.

Navigating the New Normal eBook

Having visibility into this critical asset will help you operate more efficiently, be more responsive and adaptable to the challenges you face, and profitably meet service-level goals. This eBook explores the key issues and challenges your organization faces:

  • Managing capacity constraints
    Learn how you can manage the two controllable factors squeezing your capacity that you may not even be aware of: employee absenteeism and idle time.
  • Balancing escalating costs
    New healthcare legislation, higher minimum wage rates, and competition for the best talent are all driving up labor costs. Gaining insight into where expenses are stemming from will be more critical than ever.
  • Delivering perfect orders
    The changes necessary to deliver perfect orders in today's marketplace generate new costs and operational challenges for the logistics providers who must manage them. Having the right people in the right place at the right time — and at the right cost — can make all the difference.

Download this eBook today to learn how a workforce management solution can provide you with real-time labor data to optimize capacity, control costs, and deliver perfect orders, no matter what the new normal might throw your way.