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The Key to Strategic HR: Digital Process Manager

HR service delivery can help you start automating your most common processes.

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The Key to Strategic HR: Digital Process Manager

Technology has revolutionized communication, finance, entertainment, and almost every area of life — and HR is no exception. Processes that were once manual and bottlenecked by human oversight of key documents are being automated at a rapid pace for boosted efficiency.

However, making this upgrade can be complex. HR experts estimate that the average number of disparate systems used by an HR department is eleven. A single event such as a promotion can span multiple systems, all needing to be reconciled during the workflow to complete tasks, which can even mean getting IT involved.

And that’s just the beginning. Think about other complex processes that take crucial time away from your HR resources:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Disciplinary incidents
  • Life status changes
  • Offboarding, and more

Download our guide to see how integrated HR service delivery (HRSD) can automate and optimize your most time-consuming manual processes, freeing your people up to work smarter and more strategically.