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Attracting and Retaining Government Talent in a Post-Pandemic World of Work

In this eBook, a career expert offers valuable insight into how public sector HR teams can meet today’s challenges of attracting and retaining top talent.

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The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped workplaces everywhere, presenting U.S. state and local government organizations in particular with persistent challenges in attracting and retaining skilled employees to effectively serve the public.

To address these challenges, however, government human resources teams will need to adapt to attract, hire and retain highly qualified employees passionate about working in the public sector. So where should you start?

In this timely and informative eBook, an interview with UKG Public Sector Senior Fellow Bob Lavigna explores how public sector HR teams can find the people they need to execute successfully on their organizations’ missions while creating a supportive and engaging workplace for all employees.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to find passionate employees and manage potential roadblocks to success
  • Using data to gain a clearer understanding of employee needs and engagement from such sources as employee experience platform Great Place To Work® 
  • Leveraging workforce technology to help employees better serve the public going forward

It’s clear that HR will play a critical role in developing their organizations’ workforces to shape the future of public service. Download this comprehensive eBook to gain insight into how you can get started on the right path to success.