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3 Megatrends Defining HR Right Now

How employers can respond to the forces shaping how we work

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3 Megatrends Defining HR Right Now

As an HR leader, how can you stay ahead of what’s next? While you can’t predict the future, you can get close with the annual UKG megatrends. Each year, our team of researchers, thought leaders, and social scientists dive into the major socio-economic, geo-political, and demographic forces affecting business and work.

This eBook explores the top three trends we predict will have the biggest impact on HR — and exactly how to prepare for what’s to come.

The rise of the grey-collar worker: The need to fill jobs that require a combination of physical and technical skills (e.g., police officers or nurses) is complicated by a critical talent shortage in these industries — how can we get these workers to stay?

The new ethics of leadership: Employees are looking to leaders for action on important social issues, such as diversity and climate change. They’ll need to respond — or risk losing shareholder value.

Compliance agility: The year 2020 saw over 10,000 more regulatory changes compared to 2019. With no sign of these changes levelling out, organizations need a new approach to compliance to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

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