UKG TeleStaff Product Tour

Create meaningful and connected work experiences for all people.

Create meaningful and connected work experiences with your public safety and corrections workforce in a single solution that delivers real-time engagement and deep labor compliance.

In this product tour, see UKG TeleStaff, our intelligent automated scheduling solution, in action.

Civil unrest, natural disasters, and the pandemic are just a few of the drivers forcing public safety and corrections organizations to rethink how they operate and drive efficiency. And when it comes to your workforce, you need a modern solution that incorporates rules, policies, and procedures to conduct complex employee scheduling in an equitable, documented, and transparent manner.

UKG TeleStaff enables you to streamline your scheduling processes, simplify compliance, and empower your employees.

Learn how UKG TeleStaff helps your organization:

  • Decrease scheduling complexity and increase employee engagement
  • Communicate quickly for immediate action
  • Provide fairness and transparency

View the product tour to understand how UKG TeleStaff gives you the right tools so you can create a more meaningful and connected work experience for your people.