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UKG for Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service Interactive Demo

To be a great place to shop, become a great place to work.

Explore how AI-powered workforce management tools create a more meaningful employee experience and deliver better outcomes for your business and better loyalty of your customers.

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View these brief videos to learn more about each of the modules within UKG Pro Workforce Management™ for Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service.

  • Employee Experience: Empower employees with easy on-demand mobile access to all their important information, the ability to make requests or changes, and stay in touch with company communications. 
  • Data Collection: Gain instant access to workforce transactions and stay up-to-date with notifications. 
  • Timekeeping: Improve payroll accuracy and catch exceptions early with easy mobile access that keeps managers on the floor in action and not stuck in the back office. 
  • Absence: Learn to accurately measure the cost of absenteeism, standardize leave policies, and ensure accrual policies are applied fairly. 
  • Forecasting: Takes the guess work out of scheduling by recommending the right coverage by applying powerful AI that creates models from your own unique business data. 
  • Advanced Scheduling: Discover how to align employee schedules with customer demand and give employees more schedule flexibility. 
  • Strategic Workforce Planning: Get an accurate calculation of your long-term capacity and anticipate and plan for future needs through intelligent “what if” scenario planning. 
  • Analytics: View workforce data needed for day-to-day operations, understand the value real-time data access on any device, and get to know the data that can empower front-line supervisors.

Watch these demos to learn all the ways you can use UKG Pro Workforce Management™ to enhance your employee experience in your service-centric organization.