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UKG for Manufacturing Interactive Demo

Learn more about how UKG Workforce Management can help you create great work experiences for your employees and drive operational excellence with this interactive demo experience.

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View this demo to learn more about within each of the modules within UKG Workforce Management.

  • Timekeeping: Explore streamlining time and project tracking, improving workforce productivity, and making timecard information accessible.
  • Absence: Learn to accurately measure the cost of absenteeism, standardize leave policies, and ensure accrual policies are applied fairly.
  • Analytics: View workforce data needed for day-to-day operations, understand the value real-time data access on any device, and get to know the data that can empower front-line supervisors.
  • Advanced Scheduling: Discover how to align employee schedules with customer demand and give employees more schedule flexibility.
  • Auctions: Examine ways to simplify and empower vacation bidding—and automatically adjust accrual balances when bid is awarded
  • Activities: Learn how to gain real-time visibility into items in process, streamline operations by removing bottlenecks, and assess critical KPIs.
  • Data Collection: Gain instant access to workforce transactions and stay up-to-date with notifications.

Watch the demo to learn all the ways you can use UKG Workforce Management to enhance your experience in the manufacturing sector.