Westside Donut Ventures Gains Real-Time Data Access with UKG Ready

Mobile self-service tools streamline processes and enhance the employee experience.

To manage its expanding operations and workforce, Westside Donuts Ventures turned to the UKG Ready™ solution. Learn how mobile functionality is providing access to real-time workforce data from anywhere to streamline management processes and enhance employee engagement.

Meeting the demand for more employees during the company’s expansion has been simplified with new hires completing their onboarding online in UKG Ready. They can be approved and working in a store within 24 hours.

With access to real-time workforce data at any time and from anywhere in UKG Ready, managers and employees are seeing numerous efficiencies and other benefits:

  • Payroll information is reviewed and approved in minutes in the office or on the go
  • Managers can compare employee hours to schedules and make adjustments to control labor costs
  • Employees enjoy using the mobile app to view their schedules, timecards, and accruals, and to request time off

Download this customer story to learn more about how Westside Donut Ventures is using UKG Ready and its mobile functionality to more efficiently manage its workforce.

“We all know payroll gets adjusted week by week. You see where you are and make improvements. If you wait three days before you get these numbers, you’re already three days behind the power of making the decision. UKG has given us the power to make faster decisions, which has been a real benefit.”

Wyclif Kpanou, Director of Operations
Westside Donut Ventures

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