Vancity Empowers Employees, Drives Business Results with UKG Pro, UKG Dimensions

Discover how UKG sustains an engaging and effective workforce strategy

A UKG Pro customer for more than a decade, Vancity sought to take advantage of the Platform Configuration and Rules Engine within Pro to simplify the decision points for managers and streamline workflows. In 2020, Vancity migrated to the cloud-native, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered UKG Dimensions to improve the workforce management experience for managers and make work more meaningful for employees.

Vancity is a financial co-operative with 2,700 employees, 54 community branches, and more than a half-million member-owners.

With its UKG HCM solution, the company now has:

  • Transformed the employee experience with UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions
  • Collected and managed its people data with consistency and accuracy with unified HCM solution
  • Gained unprecedented insight into daily workforce operations via real-time visualization and reporting

Download this case study to learn more about how Vancity is using UKG to build an engaged workforce.

“We have transformed the employee experience with UKG Pro and UKG Dimensions, and we are excited about the future.”

Marky Payne, Manager of HR Systems and Reporting


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