University of Iowa Center for Advancement Uses UKG Pro to Implement Vision for Strategic HR

Discover how UKG Pro drives a high-performance culture

UICA managed its human capital through paper- and spreadsheet-intensive manual processes. Significant time was required to complete core HR tasks. Discover how the organization is leveraging UKG Pro to build a competency framework that creates a customized employee experience.

The UICA is an independent organization and the preferred channel for private contributions that benefit all areas of the University of Iowa. HR needed to raise employee engagement to meet the organization’s cultural and philanthropic goals, and turned to UKG.

With its UKG HCM solution, the company now has:

  • A UKG Pro-driven competency model that helps create more meaningful candidate interviews, tailored onboarding, and well-defined career paths 
  • Efficiencies from Pro that deliver hard-cost savings while increasing the strategic value of HR
  • The ability to share and use data across HR, which helps the department provide better service to employees

Download this case study to learn more about how the University of Iowa Center for Advancement is using its UKG solution to elevate the strategic work of the HR department.

“We now have time and energy to devote to leadership development training, career pathing, better performance management conversations, and meaningful discussions about career development.”

Becky Rafferty, VP of Talent Management
University of Iowa Center for Advancement

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