MarketSource Optimizes Scheduling Part-Time Staff at Retail Client Sites

UKG Dimensions integrates solutions to create a representative engagement platform.

When MarketSource wanted to optimize scheduling part-time technology employees at retail clients sites and create a better employee experience, it turned to UKG Dimensions™ to integrate solutions. Learn how this has lowered costs, reduced turnover, and retained talent.

Scheduling 9,000 part-time employees with the right skills to work specific jobs at major retail stores is a massive undertaking. MarketSource brought together business social networking, scheduling, and customer feedback reporting solutions to create a representative engagement platform (REP). UKG Dimensions provides the open platform that integrates them all into a comprehensive solution for retail.

Using the integrated platform, MarketSource has seen multiple benefits:

  • Improved communication with remote employees and feedback provided to retailers
  • Part-time employees can easily be scheduled for multiple shifts and different job types to best utilize their skills
  • Representatives can pick up more shifts and swap shifts, improving their satisfaction and decreasing their need to seek second jobs
  • Improved staff retention and scheduling flexibility help meet retail clients’ peak season staffing needs

Download this case study to learn more about how MarketSource has leveraged UKG Dimensions to create a representative engagement platform.

“UKG Dimensions provides a platform that is open, flexible, and has the ability to integrate multiple technologies to create a full end-to-end solution for workforce management. This was key to the success of this project. With UKG Dimensions, UKG pulls the ecosystem together and gives us the flexibility to thrive in the fast-paced retail environment.”

Steve Wilson
Executive Director, Solution Practice – Retail

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