Lipari Foods Improves HCM and Maintains Compliance During Expansion

Discover how UKG Ready supports more efficient human capital management processes.

Lipari Foods wanted to double the footprint of its food distribution business to more than 20 states. Learn how the scalable UKG Ready™ cloud solution has supported this growth by improving human capital management processes and ensuring state-by-state compliance.

Using manual processes to manage a growing workforce devoured managers’ and payroll staffers’ time. Recruiting and onboarding new employees was inefficient. Remote employee time was input manually. Managers had limited access to workforce reporting information. Lipari Foods recognized that it needed a better solution, especially if it wanted to expand.

Implementing UKG Ready has helped Lipari Foods streamline its HCM processes and maintain compliance with each state’s labor and tax regulations as the company has realized its expansion plans:

  • Managers are spending 75% less time tracking employee time off and attendance issues
  • Remote employees track their time using the mobile app
  • Real-time visibility into employee time and labor analytics help managers better control labor costs
  • Complying with each state’s tax withholding requirements is simplified

Download this case study to learn more about how Lipari Foods is using its UKG Ready solution to better manage its expanding workforce.

“They [managers] have a deeper and wider view of their data, especially on the time side. And they have a higher level of visibility into payroll data.”

Brian Zilo, Senior Vice President of HR
Lipari Foods

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