Lindsay Unified School District Tracks Performance-Based Compensation

UKG Ready captures incentive program grant time for accountability and correct staff payments.

Lindsay Unified School District relies on the UKG Ready™ solution to track performance-based compensation for U.S. Dept. of Education grant-funded training and to deliver accurate stipend payments to staff and provide accurate reporting on staff time and funds spent.

In this customer story, learn how the school district has tracked $2 million in grants annually for certificated staff time and stipends related to performance-based training.

Using the UKG Ready solution, Lindsay Unified School District has been able to:

  • Accurately capture staff time devoted to performance-based training
  • Apply staff time to the correct cost center and for different stipend levels
  • Easily create reports on grant expenditures to meet reporting requirements
  • Reduce grant-related payroll processing time from up to three days to only three hours

Download this customer story to learn more about how Lindsay Unified School District is using its UKG Ready solution to track staff time spent on grant-funded programs and extra-duties.

“We wanted to create a new norm that when you’re ready to learn, we have a method that accounts for you. It’s been very successful…. We use the extra-duty pay function inside the timesheet and customized the cost centers to build out all the different levels of stipends paid for different instructional and learning purposes.”
Amalia Lopez, Teacher and School Leader Grant Manager

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