KIPP SoCal Public Schools Gain More Efficient Reporting with UKG Ready

Learn in this case study how access to real-time workforce data supports more efficient processes.

KIPP SoCal Public Schools found meeting KIPP Foundation reporting requirements time-consuming using existing systems. Learn how KIPP SoCal leverages UKG Ready™ to streamline HR processes, access real-time data, and tailor reports to meet various requirements.

Using manual processes to onboard new hires added to HR staff workload, making it particularly overwhelming when hiring 100 new employees at the same time. Preparing detailed reports for the KIPP Foundation in its required templates also required significant time, as data had to be located on multiple spreadsheets before being input manually.

Implementing the cloud-based UKG Ready solution has enabled KIPP So Cal to:

  • Cut time spent on creating KIPP Foundation reports by 70%
  • Use program labor codes to streamline Los Angeles Unified School District labor audit reporting
  • Automate HR processes, including onboarding and performance management
  • Accurately track employee time worked, accrued time, and time-off taken

Download this case study to learn more about how KIPP SoCal is using UKG Ready to improve its human capital management with automated processes and real-time data.

“Part of our focus at KIPP SoCal is let’s work smarter, not harder, so let’s aim to automate as many processes as we can because we know when things are automated, there’s less room for error.”

Bertha Hernandez, Data Manager

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