How Unilever France Provides Unified HR Support to a Diverse Workforce

A UKG for Manufacturing customer story.

At Unilever France, about half of their 2,200-strong workforce is located at the head office, while the rest is spread across six factories.

Naturally, the needs of those working at HQ are a little different from those on the factory floor. This posed a challenge: how can HR deliver a consistent experience to all employees while still having the capacity to provide individualized support when needed?

The solution, they decided, needed to start with a shift to digital.

Unilever France turned to UKG HR Service Delivery to move their manual HR processes and paper files onto a unified digital platform, which allowed them to:

  • Give factory workers the ability to contact HR with questions, no matter when they work or what kind of device they have
  • Make previously painful processes, like requesting a medical leave of absence, a lot easier on both the employee and the HR team
  • Do away with mailing paper onboarding documents to new employees

These improvements, among many others, created waves throughout the HR team resulting in higher productivity and more face time with employees.

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