Greenville County Schools Improves Processes with UKG Time for School

Mobile functionality supports tracking time of employees working on site and remotely.

During the pandemic and after, Greenville County Schools has used UKG Time for School to track the time of staff working with students onsite and offsite through mobile functionality and track time by position to ensure people are paid from the correct funding source.

Discover how UKG Time for School was invaluable as Greenville County Schools, the largest public school system in South Carolina, was forced to close its schools and provided remote services as COVID-19 surged across the state.

Although the solution had been configured for a typical school environment, Greenville was able to quickly make solution adjustments to accommodate having a remote and then hybrid workforce. Using UKG Time for School has enabled the school district to:

  • Provide mobile functionality so employees working remotely with homebound or home-based students can easily track their time
  • Apply the correct pay rate and funding source, including for grant-funded programs, when an employee selects a position when clocking in
  • Track the time of staff working extra duties in after-school and other programs

Download this customer story to learn more about how Greenville County Schools is using UKG Time for School to improve tracking of employees no matter where they are working.

“I don’t know what we would’ve done during the shutdown without a system that was externalized. I can’t imagine how we would have relied on someone entering the time every week if employees had had no way to access the system while working remote. The system was available to all users from anywhere.”
Marc Dominick, Payroll Coordinator

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