Geisinger Health System Redeploys Staff During Pandemic with UKG EZCall

UKG EZCall reassigned and scheduled 500 employees during the COVID-19 surge.

As COVID-19 cases surged, Geisinger Health System turned to its UKG EZCall™ solution to reassign and schedule staff at testing sites and pandemic tents. Integration with UKG Workforce Central™ ensured accurate capture of employee time for correct cost center assignment.

Discover in this case study how Geisinger expanded use of UKG EZCall to quickly redeploy and schedule upwards of 500 employees to multiple testing sites and eight pandemic tents to assess and treat people with mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Using the integrated UKG solutions, Geisinger was able to:

  • Streamline scheduling appropriately skilled clinicians and support staff for all shifts at testing sites and treatment tents
  • Ensure correct job coding so employees were paid correctly and from the right cost center
  • Enable employees see their schedules and swap shifts using the mobile app, giving them some control over their schedules
  • Prepare for the redeployment and scheduling demands of future pandemics

Download this informative case study to learn more about how Geisinger was able to quickly expand use of UKG EZCall to redeploy staff to care for patients.

“Between the visibility, mobile flexibility, and workforce management integration that EZCall has to offer, our employees, their redeployment managers, and their primary managers had a source of truth about where employees were and at what time. That was important as we were trying to figure out how to redeploy staff at this volume.”

Brittany Drumm
Administrative Fellow
Geisinger Health System

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