Fishers Fire Dept. Streamlines Scheduling and Bidding with UKG TeleStaff

Connects scheduling with timekeeping, HR, and payroll information for easier workforce management.

Paid-time-off bidding at Fishers Fire Dept. used to take six people up to six days. With the UKG TeleStaff™ solution, PTO bidding nearly runs itself now, and integration with UKG Dimensions™ delivers complete HR and workforce management functionality.

Learn how Fishers Fire Dept. has automated position, shift, and vacation bidding in order of seniority, freeing up significant supervisor time and creating a better overall experience for staff when submitting bids.

In addition to streamlining the bidding process, UKG TeleStaff enables Fishers Fire Dept to:

  • Schedule and deploy the right staff with the right skills and certifications for each position and apparatus
  • Send text messages to notify staff of shift openings and overtime opportunities they are qualified to accept
  • Award overtime easily and fairly ― and according to department policies

Download this customer story to learn more about how Fishers Fire Dept. is using these UKG® solutions to streamline scheduling and bidding and improve the experience of staff at all levels.

“The PTO bidding process in TeleStaff has saved us tons and tons of time, and the ease of use for PTO bidding for firefighters has been a big benefit. Actually, its ease of use in general has been a benefit, because they can access it from anywhere, see what they need to see, enter their own entries, and do their bidding. Across the board, it’s helped in every way for firefighters.”
Ann Smith, Finance Administration Manager, Fishers Fire Department

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