FAW-Volkswagen Increases Productivity 15% Using UKG Solution

Automating workforce management processes eliminates payroll errors and better controls labor costs.

FAW-Volkswagen found manually tracking complex overtime, pay, and leave rules time-consuming in China. Learn how an automated UKG® solution helps FAW-Volkswagen control overtime, manage labor costs, eliminate payroll errors, boost productivity, and improve compliance.

During a period of rapid growth, FAW-Volkswagen discovered that continuing to use manual processes to manage its workforce was very challenging, leading the company to implement the UKG Workforce Central® suite of solutions.

By automating workforce management with the UKG solution, FAW-Volkswagen has seen numerous benefits:

  • Eliminating payroll errors and controlling overtime has delivered 100% solution ROI within 12 months
  • Real-time visibility into labor requirements has helped cut overtime by 8% year on year
  • Better aligning staffing to production demands has led to a 15% increase in productivity
  • Self-service tools at the timeclock enable employees to verify their own time, scheduling, and leave information ― increasing their satisfaction and freeing up HR staff time for other duties

Download this case study to learn more about how FAW-Volkswagen has improved its workforce management processes with its UKG solution.

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