Essity Moves to UKG Dimensions, Gains Visibility to Reduce Labor Costs

Discover how operational insights and real-time data help cut labor costs during peak production.

Wanting to standardize its global people systems as it added a new HR system, Essity moved to a UKG Dimensions™ workforce management solution, using real-time labor data to decrease overtime and better allocate staff while reducing labor costs and increasing production.

Learn in this customer story how Essity has greater insight into workforce availability to align labor to production demand and understand when its workforce is most productive.

By leveraging its UKG Dimensions solution, Essity has been able to:

  • Gain insight on how to decrease employee numbers on each shift while still meeting production needs
  • Use workforce data to realign staff to hire more employees without increasing labor costs
  • Empower managers with access to workforce data via mobile technology on the production floor to better manage and engage with employees
  • Pay for the solution within the first year by analyzing overtime data to realign staff and realize operational savings

Download this customer story to learn more about how Essity is using its UKG Dimensions solution to gain operational insight to better manage labor costs.

“We found that we were able to reduce the number of employees per shift and still meet production demands with appropriate scheduling, and not based on what the manager thinks is best for the business, but what the application [UKG Dimensions] is telling us is best for the business.”
Sean Brown, Global Systems Administrator

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